Our Story

We focus on delivering distinctive, quality products to your door while being mindful of our precious environment.


LH Home Ltd. is a Vancouver based company that has been in business for over twenty years. We have successfully established a presence across North America as a key distributor of high quality furniture and decor. We partner with furniture retailers, designers, developers, hotels and restaurants to create unique residential and commercial spaces. We are passionate about what we do and are delighted to work on any size project.


We currently import the majority of our furniture from Asia, and are always working to diversify our inventory to include products from around the world. Our expert team of buyers are always working to expand our collections, ensuring we’re ahead of the pack with the best product selection.

A large majority of our products are produced with reclaimed FSC certified materials and recognized globally as environmentally friendly. Natural materials are what we love best, ranging from reclaimed timbers to natural stones and rattans. Keep an eye-out for our frequent collection introductions and for our newest takes on mixing materials, colours and textures.